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Matthew Gane has provided quality photographs for thousands of satisfied customers and has worked with high-end companies in Minnesota, California, and Buenos Aires Argentina. He is dedicated to presenting the best photographs and professional business experience for realtors, builders, architects and home owners. His commitment to quality is demonstrated by the attention he gives to each home and project, meticulously attending to every detail, with the customer’s vision in mind.

Matthew takes the time to lightly stage each room ensuring that it will show its best. He delivers a plethora of photos, all enhanced and edited to look perfect, giving the client variety, impact, and increased views. The images are presented in logical sequencing, to provide a visual sense of the overall space. Photographs highlighting features of the surrounding area, where available, are complimentary.



jonna alexander green
Relationship: Colleague
Project Date: Aug 2016

matthew has a talent for capturing images. he has photographed many of my residential projects for me and always they were well framed and told the story of the space. he works efficiently wasting no ... Read More

Relationship: My clients hire this company
Project Date: Nov -0001

I'm a graphic designer that works on behalf of a large real estate group in upper east coast Florida and receive links to Matthew's work on a regular basis. Not only is the photography of the residenc... Read More

Heckard's Door
Relationship: Colleague
Project Date: Nov 2014

We have found Gane Perspective Photography to be as good as it gets. We are a company with high quality products and service, so we know exceptional work when we see it. We have tried to do our own ph... Read More

Relationship: Colleague
Project Date: Aug 2014

matthew has an amazing eye. whether he is causally photographing people or diligently shooting architecture he has great timing for catching special moments that could go unnoticed. his pricing is a s... Read More

Bo Trivett
Relationship: Client
Project Date: Apr 2014

Matthew Gane has done tremendous work for us in our home building business! I highly recommend that you utilize him for any of your photography or video needs in any capacity. Read More

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